Help the less fortunate in our society by covering their court filing fees.

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The Little Black Dress Party has over 2500+ active supporters dedicated to supporting women and children who are left to face legal issues without any support from the system. These vulnerable people are in need of assistance with paying basic fees, which can be a barrier when they experience abuse at home or other traumatic events.

Our events are supported by organizations as:

  • Chateau Ste. Michelle
  • Heritage Distillery 
  • American Family Life Insurance
  • Kirkland Chamber
  • Kirkland Downtown Association
  • Warr-King Wines
  • Ryan James Fine Art Gallery
  • and more

For the past 15 years, we have had a passion for connecting companies and communities through our unique approach of fulfilled events that unite people who want to make a difference.

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  Title Contributing Support
Sponsored Amounts $5000 $2500 $1000
Social Media Recognition x x x
Company Promo in Email Newsletter (2500+) x x x
VIP Tickets 8 4 2
Recognition throughout the event as a Sponsor x x  
Company Logo on Event Website x x  
1-3 Min Speaker Promo at Event x    
Company Logo on Little Black Dress Attendee Gift x    
Sponsor Booth at 1 Pop-up Event x    
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Live Interview x    


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When you give to our Benevolent Fund, we make sure that the money goes straight into helping those in need. Legal fees are expensive – but with your help, they can be donated free of charge!

The Little Black Dress Party was born out of a conversation between friends, over wine.

We have a love for events that are exciting, delightful, and fun, so we created the Little Black Dress Party. These events brings women together to celebrate their uniqueness while fundraising on behalf of an awesome cause: legal services for those who need it most! The signature Little Black Dress Party aspires to provide everyone with the opportunity to dress up & get out; at same time increasing awareness and inspiring them to give back. 

Many women and children are left to face legal issues without any support from the system. These vulnerable group of people requires assistance with paying basic fees, which can be a barrier in times when they need help dealing with abuse at home or other traumatic events that change their lives forever.

The lack of options available for these women and children in need is especially apparent when it comes down to low-income earners who do not qualify financially for other services are caught in the continual cycle of financial struggle.

Our Mission


We focus on creating community awareness by bringing women together for unique and fun fundraising events. These events benefit our Benevolent Fund that supports the legal services for women and children in need. The signature Little Black Dress Party aspires to provide an opportunity for women to get out, get dressed up and have fun, while at the same time increasing their awareness and inspiring them to give back.

Upcoming Event

First Annual Tea Party

Come to The Little Black Dress

Tea Party at Kirkland Women's Club

May 15th, 2022 1 pm - 3 pm
Kirkland Women's Club
407 First St.
Kirkland, WA 98033

Proceeds support the LBDP Benevolent fund. 
Must be 21 years or older

How To Support



There's no better way to build awareness and involvement for your brand than at our event. We provide a unique, community-oriented experience that will align you with everyone else in attendance!



The Little Black Dress Party Benevolent Fund is an organization that positively impacts the lives of women in our community. These donations relieve stress and burden, allowing those we support to provide for themselves as well their family members with dignity intact!



Volunteering with Little Black Dress Party is an exciting way to help women, children. We have opportunities for you in our fundraising campaigns and special events. Join us today and be a part of something incredible!

“A great way for women of all ages to support a worthwhile cause while having a truly fun time!” – Kathy P